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Intuitive Psychic medium,
Spiritual Life Coach, Healer
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"Readings are simply healing with words."  Debi Fellows

In a reading session, Debi can touch in with loved ones, help you discover the strengths highlighted in your past lives, look into your body and spirit with a Medical Intuitive's eye, or even help you make important life path decisions. No two readings are alike, because you never know what the other side has to say until you ask. 

In a healing session, all planes of your existence can be healed: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. 
Energy work is different than a massage. Although we may touch you, there is no movement of the hands. Simply placement to direct energy flow.  You can also request no touching, as the experience will work just the same.

Whether you choose a reading, a healing or a combo session with both, you will receive nurturing, healing and guidance.  Please call if you wish to develop a custom session to meet your needs.
The 60 Minute Reading and 30 Minute Healing Combo session was awesome! I learned about my life path, my family and myself, then relaxed and meditated as I was bathed in healing light!

Victoria O. - Independence, Ohio

Intuitive Psychic Medium - Readings

In-Person Readings*
Online booking for readings at Spirals of Spirit only. Call for other reading locations.

30 Minute Individual Reading*

60 Minute Individual Reading*

90 Min. Individual Medical Intuitive Reading *

60 Minute Couple/Family Reading*

30 Minute Energy Healing Session*

Phone & Online Readings
(Payment Due Online Upon Booking)

30 Minute Individual Phone Q & A Reading

30 Minute Individual Online Reading

60 Minute Individual Online

90 Min. Individual Medical Intuitive Reading

60 Minute Couple/Family Reading

Combination Sessions - Readings with Energy Healing  -  In Person Only*

60 Minute Combination - 30 Min. Intuitive Psychic Medium Reading & 30 Min. Energy Healing*  

90 Minute Combination - 60 Min. Intuitive Psychic Medium Reading & 30 Min. Energy Healing* 

120 Minute Combination - 90 Min. Medical Intuitive Reading & 30 Min. Energy Healing*

*Travel Fees for Home/Location Readings (if over 50 miles round trip)