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Debi Fellows is a lifelong intuitive psychic medium. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, and is also a Reiki Master, Certified Metaphysician, and ordained Spiritualist minister. Over the years, Debi has used daily life, and her scientific interests, to hone her instincts and ability to see into problems to discover multiple solutions.

A lifelong calling to teach and a series of serendipitous events turned Debi’s path to the formal study of divination, healing, and prophecy. By studying with renowned psychic mediums from all over the world, she was drawn to incorporate a variety of different belief systems into her ideology. Energy healing is also an integral part of Debi’s practice, allowing her to heal mind, body and soul.

Debi is not a “fortune teller,” but employs a spiritually-centered approach to her readings, designed to bring you messages that provide a concrete base for empowerment, nurturing, healing and direction in your daily life. 

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My reading with Debi was amazing! She reconnected me with my Grandmother and Grandfather and provided facts that only they could have known. She was able to touch on all of the areas in my life that I had concerns about, and provided sound advice for moving forward with my future plans.

Shelby H. - Cleveland,Ohio

Reading & Energy Healing Information

Readings - by Appointment

In readings, the medium is simply a telephone for Spirit, acting as the middleman between Spirit and you.

Debi is able to use all of her metaphysical senses (seeing, knowing, hearing, feeling, and even smelling and tasting) in addition to her psychic abilities (Medical Intuition, past life, and life path vision) to bridge the gap between the physical plane and the energetic side of life. Please note, although you may have specific people you wish to connect with, Debi relies on those on the other side who come forward to speak to you.

She has no set method for readings, so the course is entirely up to you and Spirit!

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Reading Parties and Corporate Events, etc.

Looking for a fun & unique theme for your

next party or holiday event?

Want something different for your next corporate event, fundraiser, or other group gathering?

Want to find something new and different to do

with your friends?

Tired of the same old birthday parties

and bridal showers?

Why not add a Psychic Medium to your event

or host a Reading Party?

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Energy Healing - by Appointment

Energy healing is the ancient practice of adding and moving energy within and around the human body to promote healing. The best known form is Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing. As in readings, the healer is simply a conduit to gather and direct the universal healing energy to areas of concern that require assistance, repair and balance. Healing can occur on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes, simultaneously. Debi has learned a variety of healing methods, and incorporates them into a session as directed by Spirit and healing guides.

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