1478 Mentor Ave - Upstairs
Painesville Twp., Ohio 44077

Intuitive Psychic medium,
Spiritual Life Coach, Healer
(440) 853-4227

No matter how you have found your way here, you are welcome. 

We all have a natural connection to the Universe, Spirit and each other. 

It is our desire to assist you to Become the Best YOU You Can Be by tapping into this connection.

Whether you are interested in an individual reading or reading party, adding some spice to a corporate event or fundraiser, energy healing, house investigation/clearing, ceremony, or joining a development group to learn how to trust your own intuition, you are invited to join us and continue your personal spiritual journey.

Featured News: (Updated November 27, 2018)

  • Online Booking Has Arrived!!
             - After a few tries using a scheduling service with often disastrous results, we have partnered with Calendly to
               provide Self-Service Online Appointment Booking!! No more calling and calling, simply hover over the
               [Readings & Healings] tab then slide down to the [Services, Rates, Book Online] tab.

  • Coming soon (we hope): Live Chat 
      -To make getting information even easier, we are looking into adding Live Chat to our website.  Not sure
              what form this will take, however, we are working on it!  

At Spirals of Spirit
Center for Learning & Wellness
Every Monday 7-9pm  $10

Calling everyone who would like to stress less, focus more, learn to deal with others better and be happier every day. Debi will work with each of you to help you discover how to tune into your natural instincts and intuition to make your life easier and...

Individual Readings
For Appointments Call: 440-853-4227

Debi will connect to the Spirit world and touch in to areas of your life where you may have concerns or questions. As a Medical Intuitive, Debi may also assist with physical issues through our energetic connection to Spirit.   

Debi is available for private readings by appointment.

  Readings include 30 minute phone readings, 30 or 60 minute personal readings...

Energy Healing - Reiki
For Appointments Call: 440-853-4227

Debi is a Reiki Master, and is also skilled in other healing modalities. Available for private energy healing by appointment, or drop-in on Fridays during Open Hours for a 15 or 30 minute session (schedule permitting).

Reading Parties, Corporate Events & Fundraisers
For Appointments Call: 440-853-4227

Hosting a Reading Party is a unique & delightful way to entertain guests all year round!  Readings given to your guests will leave them excited, surprised, and entertained...

2018 Old-Fashioned Victorian Seances

Come enjoy the thinning veil between the worlds and the special Halloween energy with a table, some trumpets, bells, transfiguration an maybe even some channelling. Victorians didn't have television so...